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Technical Marketing. Performance Marketing. Data Science. Web3. Crawl of competitors. CPC Campaigns Management.
100% Data Driven.

Fuel Lab is a Technical Marketing Company founded by Pietro Mingotti. We work with Agencies and Companies on all the critical phases of Performance Marketing. From Data Quality setup, to conversion tracking, to PPC campaign management .

Plus, you can choose our stand alone products, such as Google Data Studio LAB and the Conversion Engine .


UA to Google Analytics 4

Get the complete Blueprint for your Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 porting for free.

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Fuel LAB Services

With the same technologies that we use in Fuel LAB Plus, our services reviewed excellent, focusing on Digital Advertising , SEO and Data Science .


Ad hoc GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Properties configuration creating porting from UA (Universal Analytics) by replicating and improving the original tracking, 100% GDPR , ePrivacy and Schrems2 Compliant , thanks to our Server Side Tracking and data anonymization solutions.


Leverage Artificial Intelligence with a 95 +% predictive accuracy rate, and find out in advance which creative will work best, where you risk losing the user’s attention, and perform A / B testing before investing your budget in campaigns.

Management of multichannel ( Search Network , Social Network , Native Advertising)  cpc campaigns (Cost per Click) optimized on Target CPA, Target ROAS and Performance Max. We are certified Google Partners, and we manage online advertising for selected customers, aiming for maximum ROI.

Logarithmic SEO Engine uses Long Tail Keyword strategies and places up to 5,000 landing pages on the SERP for as many Long Tail Keywords, with a strong  Conversion Rate (3% and 15%).


Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta, any marketing tag, Conversion Tracking for the optimization of digital advertising and for digital analytics . The all, GDPR, ePrivacy & amp; Schrems2 Compliant.
All your analytics , in real time, on a single platform (Google Data Studio) configured on demand. Web and app analytics, e-commerce, social media, digital ads, email marketing. All reports, on a single managed web service.

Direct on demand coaching based on learn-by-doing approach , during which we’ll analyze and optimize your campaigns, or receive personalized training and assistance with our Google certified experts.

Professional configuration of Data Intelligence systems, in compliance with all Privacy regulations. Advanced E-Commerce tracking ( Google Analytics ), User Experience, and creation of customized Data Blends .


Fuel LAB plus is the direct and personalized project design & management provided by Pietro Mingotti for medium and large companies , and with ad hoc teams created . It represents the best application of all the products and the know-how of our studio.

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Fuel LAB +
Enterprise-level Data Driven Performance Marketing Projects

Tailor-made design dedicated to large companies, and a team of professionals to make it happen.

Events and educational LAB

Come and meet us during the live events and training through our partners, Confcommercio , EBAT, ESAC and Trustpilot® .

Expand your network with us on Twitter and LinkedIn and get the latest news. You may find us on Apple Music and Spotify too with our Italian Podcast "PPC e dintorni".

“In an increasingly cookieless digital ecosystem, and a ppc market increasingly governed by AI, Technical SEO is an essential product.”

Pietro Mingotti

Founder | Search Network Expert | Data Analyst