Data was the new gold. Now it’s the foundation for digital success.

Analytics &
Business Intelligence

At Fuel.LAB® we are first and foremost Digital Data Scientists. Leveraging the strategic usage of data obtained from Business Intelligence to boost marketing performance is our specialty.


Data Tracking and Data Analytics are the foundation of every Technology and Digital Marketing activity. Digital Analytics gives you total visibility into your online business, its performance, and user behavior. Business Intelligence allows you to put this data to work in an actionable way, drawing strategic and operational opportunities for success.

Fuel.LAB® is a Google Partner Agency comprised of certified experts on Google’s Marketing Platform. We create custom configurations using proprietary DataLayer to track all the information you care about.

  • Monitoring of your KPIs

    All your goals under control. From the amount of traffic, where it comes from, to the number of events of interest, the number of conversions, goals, and sales.

  • Detailed Ecommerce Tracking

    Reliable E-commerce Tracking for both custom E-commerce and Shopify, Woocommerce, Webflow, Magento, Prestashop, StoreEden, Squarespace and others.

  • Proper attribution of success to the correct Marketing channels

    We create your Custom Channel Grouping so you can always know which traffic acquisition channel (Paid Search, Organic Search, Organic Social, Video, etc.) brings the most success and which one needs additional work.

  • Identifying CRO optimization opportunities

    Identify where in the user experience you are losing users. Learn how to optimize the experience and the website for better results. 

  • Smart budgeting based on data-driven results

    Analysis of the results of your advertising investments and budget reallocation across channels, countries, demographic cohorts, and landing pages. Optimize your budget and improve your ROAS. 

  • Analysis of SEO value, Ads and Referral traffic

    Compare the results to your marketing efforts and determine which activities you should invest in. 

  • Creating Audience Cohorts for Google Ads

    Leverage the data recorded within the Google Marketing Platform to optimize advertising performance by the implementation of strategic ReMarketing actions.

Google Analytics 4 Custom Tracking

Ecommerce Tracking

Accurate and reliable. For Shopify, Woocommerce and any other Ecommerce.

Custom Events

Tracking of any relevant information, creating both high-level and User Experience reports. 

Channel Grouping

No more phantom traffic. Accurate, holistic and understandable information in all steps of the funnel.

Your DataLayer

We’ll pass all of your information to Google Tag Manager through proper coding. 

We are Google Analytics 4 experts, using the platform since its beta release.

Universal Analytics (Google Analytics 3) has been an industry standard for years, but its data model has become obsolete.

In the cookieless context in which we move, Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Modeling are critical to accurately read your data. That is why a clean tracking configuration is imperative today more than yesterday.

GA4’s data model is entirely based on parameterized events. This means that each GA4 Property is a Black Box that can be strategically configured based on your business’s actual needs.

Source: Google

Dedicated Measurement Plans with DataLayer. On any platform.

Whether your website is a React, pure HTML, or developed on CMS and Ecommerce Platforms (such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Wordpress, etc.), Fuel.LAB® tailors the tracking via DataLayer for you. You get all the visibility you need with the information that matters

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Business Intelligence &
Competitor Crawling.

Analytics B2B

We exploit the public data of legal entities for your benefit. Always in a compliant manner. 

Marketing Automation

Engage with the most attractive clients according to your criteria, such as annual sales.

We’ll take a look

We send our private crawlers to your competitors’ sites, just to see what’s what.

CRM Integration

Automatic insertion of web prospects interested in your business into your CRM.

Real-Time Analytics with tracking based on legal entities. Public information, which you are not exploiting.

Fuel.LAB® has the best partnerships. With SevenData’s partner business intelligence systems and proprietary first-party information and public identifiers, we can elevate the use of your marketing data, from standard analytics and reporting to rich marketing automation flows based on your defined triggers.

You will be able to identify which company is visiting you, how interested it is, and in which services. Then, you’ll show dynamic offers depending on turnover, number of employees, prospect markets, and more.

About SevenData e ShinyStat™

Fuel.LAB® conducts an average of 400 monthly crawls and analysis of its clients’ competitor websites.

A part of Business Intelligence is Competitive Intelligence. It’s a set of strategies and tools designed to gain legal and compliant access to your competitors’ websites and identify their strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and results.

This gives you a key competitive advantage, whether you want to understand what works best or need insight into how to overcome a tough competitor on search engines.


With our Business Intelligence and Marketing Automation Module, you can see in real-time the name of the company visiting your site, its number of employees, its annual turnover, and much more.

Fuel.LAB® leverages SevenData‘s partner technologies and through entirely 1st party data, we are able to elevate the use of your marketing data. From a mere analysis and reporting to:

  • Real Time Analytics of Other's Web Traffic.

    See in real-time or check later in our reports the name of the company that visited you, their phone number, email, pec, address, VAT number, website, number of employees, reported turnover, and credit risk level.

  • Show Custom Information to a Specific Company

    Create banners, screenshots, and entire web pages to be shown according to conditional logic. For a specific company or according to your rules defined. Leverage Dynamic Content Delivery to elevate the performance of your b2b business. 

  • Detailed Metrics on the Origina of Your Traffic

    The ShinyStat™ data model is very similar to Universal Analytics. This means that you will have access to all the browsing data you legally can access with Google Analytics but with more useful and detailed information to increase your B2B business. 

  • Lead Score & Interest Score

    Your website’s design is not more important than its technical functionality. Nevertheless, it remains a fundamental means to keep navigation pleasant and stimulating and to facilitate user decision-making. All in the service of a User Experience that facilitates conversion to the extreme, without unnecessary friction.

  • Integrate Prospects from Web to CRM. Automatically.

    Define the rules of engagement that make a visitor your ideal prospect and create automation that imports the lead into your CRM. Like this,  your sales department can immediately begin working with new prospects, with no time to waste. 

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