B2B Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for B2B with Marketing Automation


All the power and versatility of Universal Analytics topped up with Custom Tracking. Besides normal tracking, it gives you visibility on other legal entities that visit your website.

With this, you can enable B2B marketing actions with unprecedented business intelligence.

Custom Engagement Rules 
& CRM linking.

With B2B Business Intelligence, you can use detailed information guaranteed by VAT ID and ATECO Code of the visiting IP and create custom filters and rules. 

For example, ask to be notified when a hospitality company with more than 20 million in annual sales visits your page. Or, choose to trigger a banner with a themed offer only for an automotive company with 100 employees or more.

Then, import the most interesting prospect information directly into your CRM. All their information will be easily accessible and visible so you can start the Lead Generation effortlessly and with complete freedom.

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Much more than just analytics. Lead Score, Interest Score, and Push Notifications.

Using Machine Learning, the system can understand the proximity to conversion and the interest level of key visitors. We can enable custom push notifications and link these hits to virtually any app.

Then, SevenData technologies will also give you the credit risk index of every business that visits you.

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