Conversion Tracking

Turn on the visibility of your objectives.


Without state-of-the-art conversion tracking, digital advertising algorithms cannot be optimized, and valuable information is lost from your digital analytics.

At Fuel.LAB®, we configure your Conversion Tracking and Enhanced Conversions and pass the data to Google Analytics or any other Data-Driven platform.

Why is Conversion Tracking important?

A key part of Digital Advertising and Data Analytics is Conversion Tracking. This discipline sits between science and creativity. Conversion Tracking allows your data to tell you at a glance what the revenue is for every penny spent.

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Conversions will tell you all the data of each sale. You’ll know what type of user performed which action in a given time, through which channel, and how much that action cost you. Conversion tracking then allows you to further optimize and start spending less as your ROAS (Return On Ad Spent) increases.

Learn more: Google Support on Conversions


As of March 2024, Consent Mode V2, along with Enhanced Conversions, are essential steps for the configuration of Google Analytics and Google Ads.

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At Fuel.LAB® we’ve implemented both since their public release. As it should be.

From our Research and Development: How to enable Consent Mode v2

From our R&D: How to activate Consent Mode v2

What Conversions can you track?

Tailor Made Service.
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Like most of our services, custom conversion fulfillment is available only to selected clients who can leverage the right tools in the right budget perspective to achieve the desired results.

We chose this approach because we believe in quality over quantity. Delivering achievable, measurable, and genuine results over expanding our client base. If you have doubts or are concerned about your budget options, try Fuel.LAB Coaching!


Ecommerce Tracking

If you have a transactional website, you know the importance of these conversions. Without them, your advertising algorithms will not be able to optimize, and you will not be able to track the return on your investments.

Lead Generation Tracking

How much is one of your leads worth? You tell us. We will set up your tracking so that you can easily compare how much economic opportunity has been generated by your Marketing efforts.

Custom Conversions

You managed to set up Facebook conversions but realized that the algorithm optimizes for sales in total and not just for one product. You need a custom conversion that reads the right information.

Offline Conversions

Do you have a physical store where customers go, or do you convert leads into contracts through a sales department unrelated to the website? We can track these conversions as well, integrating your CRM.