Code of Ethics and Transparency

We believe that every data-driven agency should have a code of ethics.

Here’s ours.

Date of Creation: 01/12/2024 | Last Updated: 04/27/2024 | Author: Pietro Mingotti

Fuel LAB code of ethics

Informed Consent

Ethical digital marketing starts with getting informed consent from consumers. This involves being transparent about what data is collected, how it will be used, and giving consumers the choice to opt-in or opt-out. Consent must be given freely, be specific, informed and unambiguous.

Legality and compliance

The Agency is committed to strictly complying with digital marketing laws and regulations. All members must follow local and international regulations, ensuring a legal and compliant operating environment.

Data Minization

FuelLAB collects only the data necessary for the intended purpose of the business. Data minimization is an ethical principle that emphasizes the collection of as little personal information as possible necessary to achieve marketing objectives.

Consent Mode V2

We have always been early adopters of Google Consent Mode. This means that it is not possible to “cheat” regarding the application of the consent expressed by the user regarding the collection of data, as each level of consent is set to “rejected”, and as long as the user does not agree to be tracked , the systems we use will receive totally anonymized data.

Privacy and Data Protection:

Privacy has always been a priority for FuelLAB. We firmly believe that it is not necessary to violate any user’s privacy to do effective performance marketing.

The Agency collects and processes data securely, respecting the privacy laws of the countries of destination of the activity. All members are trained to manage personal data in a responsible and transparent way, protecting the privacy of individuals according to the GDPR and other legislation in force in Europe.


We believe in absolute transparency both towards our customers and theirs. Well-crafted and structured digital marketing does not need black hat techniques, click bait or avoidance systems to convince the user to convert.

We believe in a sustainable web made up of real and reliable information.

Continuing training

We study, every day. The world of MarTech and the web in general is constantly changing; our work requires constant updating from both a practical and ethical point of view.

We are passionate about our work, and are constantly experimenting with new techniques in our Data Science laboratory, producing publicly accessible Case Studies in our founder’s research blog.

User-Centric Approach

The Agency takes a user-centered approach, creating relevant and useful content. This improves the user experience, helping to build long-term relationships.