Conversion Tracking

{ Standard and Custom Goals Tracking }

How to do conversion tracking correctly? Without state-of-the-art conversion tracking, your algorithms cannot be optimized.
If you want, we can set everything up for you.

Fuel LAB set up your Conversion Tracking . Even the complex ones.

A fundamental part of Digital Adv and Data Analysis is Conversion Tracking , a discipline that sits between science and art. Conversion Tracking allows your data to tell you at a glance how much revenue is worth for every penny you spend. Conversions will tell you how much you are paying for a sale through advertising, how many desired actions have been performed in a given time, thanks to which channel, by what type of user and how much that action has cost you.

Why is Conversion Tracking important?

(Especially in a cookieless context).

Because this allows you to further optimize and start spending less and less, while your return on ad spend increases . Unfortunately, conversion tracking is also quite difficult to implement for those who are not trained to do so. And this is where Fuel LAB comes to your aid.

Tailor Made Service
Please take a minute to read this disclaimer.

Like the Concierge service , custom conversion is only available to selected customers who are able to take advantage of the right tools and the correct budget perspective to get the desired results; the reason we take this approach is that we want to deliver real results, instead of getting as many customers as possible. If you are unsure of your budget possibilities, try Fuel LAB Coaching !

The most common types of conversion

We can track and schedule any type of conversion, but generally you will need one of these three, whether it be based on Data Layer Push, or on dynamic Analytics goals .

E-Commerce Conversion Tracking

If you have a transactional website, these conversions are essential. Without them, your advertising algorithms will not be able to optimize, and you will not be able to track your income in relation to your investments.

Lead Generation Tracking

How much is your Lead worth? You tell us. We will take care of setting up the tracking so that you can compare at any time how much economic opportunity has been generated by each of your Marketing efforts.

Custom Conversion Design

Did you manage to set up Facebook conversions, but did you notice that the algorithm optimizes for sales as a whole, and not for just one product? You need a custom conversion that reads the right information.