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{Data Science, Quality & Visualization}

Many companies do not have an in-house Data Science, Data Quality & Reporting (what is often called Data Scientist today).

This is why more and more companies entrust their Data Quality to Google certified specialists such as Fuel LAB. We will not limit ourselves to simply installing Google Analytics on your websites. We are going to build an entire audience study ecosystem, offering you not only the data, but also advice on their interpretation. And with Google Data Studio LAB , you can always have data ready for any meeting.
Your business decisions
are based on scientific data. Right?

Thanks to Data Science and Machine Learning, you can make business decisions defined by certainties , taking less risk and generating more profits
But if the data your Data Quality is poor, not only digital analytics are useless, they can actually cause damage. That’s what Data Quality is for.


We track events and configure your custom goals to track success and optimize performance; all, GDPR compliant.

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We enrich all your urls with special extensions. So we always know which campaign, action or promotion a visit comes from, without confusion .

Data Quality

Not only do we filter the IP addresses of your company, of collaborators, we isolate those of competitors. Thanks to our Server Side Tracking , you have the 100% Data Quality .

Privacy & Lawfulness

We configure your Server Side Tracking , so the entire MarTech Stack is GDPR , ePrivacy , Shrems2 proof. and so on. We configure your CMS, and protect the privacy of your users .

Tag Management

You won’t end up with a sea of ​​weird javascript codes to handle. We will provide you with a visual solution and we will manage the Tags for you in an organized way, making you independent with our courses, if you wish.

Data Segments

For even more in-depth analysis, we segment the data . So we can know for example of all visitors to your site on a page, which ones entered for the first time and which ones returned after a purchase.
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Google Data Studio LAB

Your Data, always ready.

Get Dashboards and Templates on demand for Google Data Studio , which allows you to have all data from Analutocs, Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, all social media, email marketing, e-commerce and much more, updated every hour and always available!

Data has the answers

(If you have the right questions).

Data is a fascinating tool, but in its raw state it is quite useless to the company. That’s why we set goals for you based on real business needs, segmenting them and providing you with a practical interpretation of their meaning.

Why nurturing your Data Quality and
Digital Analytics with Fuel LAB

With Fuel Lab, you have an available and reliable partner who will take care of nurturing your business strategy. We follow our customers step by step, and aim to build strong relationships .

Bang for the buck

Even on customized services and large projects, pricing is scalable and our sales team is always available to discuss installments payments.

Dedicate Consulting

With Fuel LAB you have a reliable partner who will follow you in every step of the digitalization of Marketing.

Installation and Maintainance

We install and manage everything for you, always under your control; you will never need to touch a line of code.

Time saving

Time is money, and we know it well. We provide the service with consistency, speed and a friction-less approach.

Constant control

We craft the reports you want, with the frequency you need, and based on the goals you set.


If you want to become self-sufficient or train an employee, we also offer dedicated training!

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