GA4 Transition

{ Universal Analytics to GA4 transition }


Google Analytics 4 is Google’s new web + app data analysis platform, and it obligatorily replaces Universal Analytics starting from 1 July 2023.

Let Fuel LAB develop your porting to Google Analytics 4 (GA4 Transition) of the same configuration you had in Universal Analytics .
And then, with Fuel LAB’s  Server Side Tracking , you can use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in full compliance with the GDPR, ePrivacy, Schrems2 and many other privacy regulations .
Transitioning to Google Analytics 4
Custom configuration with optional Server Side Tracking


Google Analytics 4 is a completely different Web + App data collection and analysis platform from Universal Analytics (UA) in terms of interface and functionality; Google Analytics 4 has in fact a completely different data model, no longer based on hits, but on events.

That’s why the transition from UA to GA4 is so complex for the average analytics enthusiast.

Differences between Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Universal Analytics (UA)

To fully understand why you can’t simply switch between versions of Google Analytics , you need to understand the main differences between these two products, which are literally different softwares , not just two different versions of the same service.

UA vs GA4
Here’s a breakdown of the main differences

We recommend to deepen your read on the detailed documentation .

… and many more. Consult the Documentation or request a customized configuration.

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How does the GA4 Transition process work?

First we will audit your web properties together, understanding what your goals and tracking needs are; you can always arrange a free call for this step. Next, we will create a measurement plan, and we will take care of creating all the Tag Management necessary to pass all the data you need in GA4.

And you can also try our  Google Data Studio LAB, offering reports tailored to your needs, for an even easier data visualization.


We’ll analyze the current status and your needs with a first free call, in order to outline the entire measurement plan.

Measurement plan

Whether you are starting from scratch, or in case you are facing a GA4 Transition, we will draw up a comprehensive measurement plan.


Much of the work will take place on the Data Layer push side, where we will provide the information we want to track, and on the Google Tag Manager side for their reading and forwarding to GA4.


Once we have collected the data in Google Analytics 4, we will have to make sure that your reports can render them, thanks to the necessary Dimensions and Metrics and Explorations.


Once the tracking ecosystem is ready, you can try out Fuel LAB Coaching , and become fully autonomous in maintaining GA4, as your site or app grows.

See our Documentation or request your customized configuration.

Check the calendar for availability for a first meeting.