Google Data Studio LAB

Google Data Studio LAB is the on demand, tailored service for your Data Visualization in Google Data Studio.


Leverage Google Data Studio’s power,
with dashboard designed for your business,
and configured on demand.

What is Google Data Studio LAB?

If your Digital Marketing strategy up and running, you will surely have a lot of data to analyze every day.

Google Data Studio is the professional & enterprise solution by Google for Data Visualization. This complex software allows you to create Dashboards that connect the data from all Google properties, but also of any digital touchpoint and in the physical world.

The best connectors

Fuel LAB leverages SuperMetrics™ connectors to fetch data from all web properties into the dashboards, giving you reliable, efficient and competitive data

Google Data Studio Lab


Below you will find a selection of our Google Data studio Templates, rigorously made in Fuel LAB. You can also LEVERAGE of connectors of your choice to get more complete reports, which include data from Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn , Twitter , Pinterest , Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Sales force , the Woocommerce , Shopify and much more ! Everything at your fingertips, in a live presentation that’s always easy to read.

Here, you only see a series of demos. Your Dashboards will be tailor-made for you, and the data will be in your account. Always.

Template Google Data Studio Ecommerce di Fuel LAB
Template Analytics Google Data Studio Lab
Template di Google Data Studio di Fuel LAB per ecommerce

Data has the answers

(if you’ve got the dashboards).

Data is a fascinating tool, but in its raw state it is quite useless to the company. That’s why we can set goals for you based on real business needs, segmenting them and providing you with a practical interpretation of their meaning trough beautifully crafted reports.

Your Data Science
our LAB

In some cases, we can take over the entire Data Analysis apparatus for our customers, as well as providing the customized configuration of Google Data Studio.

Choose your Google Data Studio LAB plan

Get the most out of your data and find out the prices of Google Data Studio LAB,
choose the package of features you need and get started!

Choosing Fuel LAB, choose the quality of Supermetrics ™.

If you need to link to your reports properties other than Google or those that can be rendered via spreadsheets, there are the very powerful connectors of Supermetrics ™ . Fuel LAB recommends that you choose this connector for your project.