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Your commercial landing and your website, positioned on the Google front page for the Keywords searched most often by your potential customers thanks to our logarithmic engines of Massive SEO.


With Massive SEO you increase the conversion rate
of your business and your Lead Generation
reaching a CVR of 8-12% !

What are SEO and Massive SEO?

How to Increase Organic Conversions


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very technical and complex science. We will try to simplify the explanation effectively. SEO provides more qualified users (traffic) to your website. The more traffic you have, the more opportunities you will have to turn a visit into a sale.

Google currently performs 3.5 billion searches every day. Since you started reading, there have been 200,000 searches on Google. These searches will never lead all of them to you, but even a fraction of this search volume can increase the turnover of your business.

Think of it this way. If you had a shop without a sign at the end of a busy street, no one would know it exists.

Rank high

Make it to the front page of Google, position yourself above the competition and start getting new customers from your online properties. All with the brand new SEO Engine technique!


Google chooses who deserves to be first also basing the evaluation on user experience. You’ll need a very fast, responsive website built to guide the customer to purchase.


We implement all the analysis and control tools, such as Google Data Studio LAB Dashboards, so you will always have the picture of the situation at your fingertips, to make targeted and data-based business decisions.

How does Massive SEO work?

Massive SEO (on which the Conversion Engine is based) brings already hot traffic when purchasing on your conversion page, increasing the conversion rate (CVR) of your campaign by up to 8-12%.

While traditional SEO techniques aim to position pages based on mere content, the content writing of increasingly long blog posts designed only for Google robots, bringing generic traffic to site and based on the optimization of values ​​such as Heading, Alt Texts, Meta and so on, Fuel Lab uses an innovative system , effective and above all allowed.

All the techniques traditionally used are considered by us to be a Best Practice and we integrate them where appropriate. However, they are no longer sufficient to be considered innovation.


With Logarithmic SEO we position each landing page for up to 5,000 search keywords on Long Tail Keywords, so all your potential customers find you above the competition, when they are ready to buy or convert.

Advanced Keyword Analysis

The project starts with the delicate phase of studying the most productive and profitable keys alongside the customer, and then thanks to our native software , we position a single subdomain for 5,000 Long tail Keywords.

Content writing

the contents are intended as a semantic language to communicate the positioning keys created during the AAK phase. Our SEO is mathematics applied to writing .


Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed, let’s inject all the positioning keys into the site via XML, informing the Google crawlers of the necessary indexing directly.


15 days after publication, we will search the Google databases in anonymous browsing, verifying the positioning of the keys entered for the relevant landing pages.

Be found
by your customers

Don’t wait for the competition to get them.

With Fuel Lab you have a reliable and dedicated partner who supports you in building the strategy for the future of your business. Contact us without obligation and find out how you can develop an effective SEO positioning!

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Is SEO advertising?

No, it isn’t. The alternative is in fact investing in Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Doing so means seeing tangible results instantly, but as soon as you stop spending, your exposure will return to zero. Nobody will know about your business if they didn’t already know about it. Remember that you can take advantage of the Coaching on Demand to manage your Ads with Fuel LAB.

On the contrary, by putting in place the efforts and investments necessary for SEO, you can organically obtain clicks and traffic, without ad expenses.

The difference is that when you invest in Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you pay over and over again until you decide to stop, in which case your traffic stops too.

But when you pay for SEO, you pay an initial price (often in the form of a monthly downtime) and traffic keeps coming, growing every year.

A perfect Online Marketing plan covers both the relevance of Digital Advertising , as well as those of SEO, as well as those relating to Social Media and Email Marketing. Each of these channels represents different opportunities for different stages of your customer’s conversion journey.

The Fuel Lab method.

Once the commercial objectives of the company have been defined, the Marketing objectives are defined; SEO has specific KPIs, and we will compile them for you week by week. Here’s how it works.

Want to learn even more about “The New SEO”, which is based on mathematics applied to writing?

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Our process follows our proven work flow, the Fuel Lab Method . A fundamental part is an in-depth commercial meeting with the customer, to understand which objectives to activate to maximize the return on investment.

At that point we move on to the presentation of the project and with the customer we identify the keywords for which to place the activity, usually by launching a specific entry page created precisely with the aim of guiding the user to the most important parts of the website, while also positioning all the other pages of the site.

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