Technical SEO

Everything the user does not see but the search engine observes.


Technical SEO is a discipline that involves a range of strategies and tactics to optimize content and online properties. This allows crawlers to understand the content better. It requires careful code maintenance and scrupulous best practices, giving content an essential advantage, especially in the case of search intent and queries with high competition. 

Technical SEO.
See all, understand better.

The crawler is smart, but it doesn’t have a crystal ball. For content to have a full chance of being competitive and well-indexed, the bot must understand every single aspect of it. Often, this makes the difference in indexing and ranking between your content and that of a competitor.

Source: Google Developers Guidelines


Fuel.LAB®conducts in-depth technical SEO* audits of the web property structure to identify all vulnerabilities, opportunities, and errors invisible to the human eye but prioritized by the bot responsible for collecting indexing signals.

*Each SEO audit checks over 73 Technical SEO parameters.


Technical SEO in action.

Through Semantic Optimization, Technical SEO of the product page (mainly involving a rich linking structure, best practices for link titles, and appropriate policies on header tags and meta tags), and Schema Markup, the product pages of this Ecommerce achieved the following results.

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Scarica Ora

Customer Success Story

Technical SEO Case Study: Ecommerce Product Pages


↗ 845%

Increase in organic impressions

↗ 4143%

Increase in Traffic to Product Pages