Programmatic SEO: Case Study

Feb 2021– Dec 2023

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In this Programmatic SEO Case Study, we analyze the results obtained through 5 strategies of a single Programmatic SEO project, which generated a ROI of more than 535% within the first 3 years.

Immagine del Case Study di Organic Search Engineering su un laptop

Up to


Conversion Rate


In less than 3 years

€ 49K

Organic Revenue


Still growing

> 535%



Each strategy based on long tail keywords targeting e-commerce transactions achieved a conversion rate between 5% and 14%, populating the SERP with over 2.7 Million impressions per year.

Our client is a multinational entity in Digital Transaction Management and Trust Services. Part of the Organic Search Engineering project that increased organic revenue from 300k to 1.5M €, the following Programmatic SEO project focused on five main sub-strategies, focused on each product type offered by the property’s e-commerce.



Thousands of Long Tail Keywords with a dynamic strategy.


High Conversion Rate with Refined SEO Traffic.


High Return on Investment Massive SEO Project.