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Bring your product and category pages, as well as your homepage, to the top of organic search and organic shopping results.

Without paying for the position.


SEO for Ecommerce has special requirements. Technical SEO, Semantic HTML, and website structure become particularly important in these cases. There are many ranking factors to consider, and often, one cannot limit oneself to On-Site SEO alone. Digital PR, Link Building, Social Proofing, and Google Shopping are key SEO aspects that should never be overlooked.  

SEO for Ecommerce.
With a panoramic view.

Whether your store deals in resale and dropshipping or offers original products from your brand, your storefront must always be visible to the right people.

In Ecommerce SEO strategies, it is critical to have a highly technical approach focused on traffic flow, User Experience Optimization, and On-Page SEO for your product pages, category pages, and menu and navigation areas.

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Fuel.LAB®‘s interventions focus specifically on increasing sales from organic traffic. To achieve this, along with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) operations, we focus on SEO optimization of Product Pages for non-branded traffic.

In addition, we carefully structure the hierarchy of pages, breadcrumbs, and category pages, which are often overlooked and yet a fundamental part of e-commerce logic.


Ecommerce and Technical SEO.
More Visibility and Higher Yield.

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect Product Page. Now watch as Organic (free) Traffic focuses on your products, and see how your ROI skyrockest.

We’ve done it and here are the results.

Scarica Ora

Customer Success Story

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: SaaS Ecommerce Results


+ 845%

Exposure of Product Pages in Google Search

+ 376%

Organic Traffic to Product Pages

+ 63%

Organic Revenue via Product Pages (Landing Pages)