Direct, on-demand counseling to learn the theory with real experience.

Fuel LAB

With Fuel.LAB® Coaching, you have all the peace of mind you need. Thanks to a dedicated specialist who reviews and optimizes your strategy and technical tasks alongside you. 

What is Fuel.LAB® COACHING

With the help of your dedicated specialist during your Weekly Calls, you can be at ease knowing that you are optimizing your digital marketing strategies and operations to the best of your ability. Meanwhile, you’ll learn how best to use the platforms, dialogue with your consultant, and discover all the tricks and best practices for working independently.

Fuel.LAB® is a Google partner agency composed of certified experts on the Google Marketing Platform. We offer face-to-face coaching sessions to enable you to bring the following activities to full capacity:

  • Google Ads

    Optimize alongside your Campaigns Specialist your campaigns and learn best practices directly in face-to-face calls.

  • Microsoft Advertising

    Optimize alongside your Campaigns Specialist your campaigns and learn best practices directly in front calls.

  • Social Media Advertising

    Analyze and Optimize your ppc & ppv strategies on Instagram, Meta, Tiktok, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Technical SEO

    Identify where you are users within the user experience, and learn how to optimize UX and your website for greater results.

  • Custom Analytics & Tracking

    We bring your digital analytics up to speed at the technical level, with DataLayer creation and platform configuration.

  • Digital Business Strategy

    Face-to-face consultation with Pietro Mingotti on your tactics and business model for assessment and strategy building.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Let’s analyze your conversion funnel together to reduce friction and improve your Conversion Rate.

Our SEO, PPC and Data Tracking experts.
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Make an appointment and let’s start with a brief so we can analyze your current campaigns and tell you what results you can expect.

There are no stupid questions

You can take advantage of the call to ask anything about the advertising platform, tracking, or strategies.


Our specialist will provide all the guidance and advice to optimize your campaign and will monitor its progress with you.

Is something not working as it should? Book a meeting anytime.

Since 2012, Fuel LAB has offered direct, vertical consulting to leading corporate stakeholders and their managers. The on-demand consulting service is rated “Outstanding” by verified reviews on Trustpilot.

It’s easy. Whether you have purchased a project and need support or want to discuss a problem you are facing, you can book a “one-shot” or a package of calls, saving on face value.

Source: Trustpilot®

Fuel.LAB®‘s Specialists’ Certifications

How much does Fuel.LAB® Coaching cost?

A one-hour consultation with an expert is €100.00.

However, if you choose a monthly or quarterly package, you will save significantly and learn much more.

Your personalized Digital Marketing expert is one call away.