Performance Spike:E-E-A-T Case Study 

Dec 2022 – Dec 2023

This SEO E-E-A-T Case Study examines the vertical growth of organic metrics for the blog of Pietro Mingotti, CEO & Head of Digital of Fuel LAB. It is a new domain with no inbound links and zero domain rating. Yet, it is in first position, above Google and Simo Ahava.

Immagine del Case Study di Organic Search Engineering su un laptop


+1.1K %

Organic Traffic


+765 %

Organic Impressions


+39 %

CTR (Click Trough Rate)

Following the study of UX requirements to convey authority, transparency about the author, responsive essential web signals, and realistic topic coverage, the property began to gain performance with increasing intensity.

Our R&D blog represents Pietro Mingotti’s personal branding project. Here, we share the results of experiments, case studies, and analysis and debugging of common and uncommon problems. This case study demonstrates how, with a strong focus on UX, E-E-A-T, and genuine topical clustering, spectacular rankings can be achieved.



First Position for H1 of page above Google and Simo Ahava


Increased traffic and the start of the website's success


Backlink profile at zero, no domain historicity