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Search Engine

Every day, more than 8 billion searches are conducted on Google alone. With SEA (Search Engine Advertising), you intercept relevant searches for your business goals, placing your result in the first position.

Source: Clictadigital


Traffic from Active Search is invaluable. And if you can intercept a large volume of searches for free with SEO, with SEA you secure top rankings with highly targeted, carefully chosen keywords and all the power of smart bidding.

Paid search results capture 75% of all clicks, and depending on your marketing goals, you can effectively target the following results:

  • Rank Higher Than Competitors

    With an Impression Top bidding strategy, we can make sure that for any keyword, your brand appears in first position with the best possible ad.

  • Get Conversions Quickly

    With the Maximize Conversions bidding strategy, the algorithm starts learning right away, optimizing smart bidding to show the ad only to users who are likely to perform your conversion action.

    It works well for e-commerce, lead generation, newsletter sign-ups, and more.

  • Get Discovered by New Target Customers

    Google’s in-observation targeting options allow us to make your brand known in discovery environments such as YouTube, Google News, Gmail, and related websites, bringing your brand into the lives of the right people at the right time.

  • Be Seen Only By The Right Users

    Search Ads-based advertising works like this: you choose the keywords the user searches for, and depending on the bidding strategy you choose, the algorithm will serve your ads only to those searching for exactly what you offer.

    This saves you budget by using it only for the traffic you want to capture.

  • Decide How Much to Pay for Each Conversion

    With Target CPA (Cost per Target Acquisition) strategy, we tell the system the maximum you are willing to pay for each conversion produced. In this way you ensure that you have a profitable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

    Similarly, Target ROAS strategy allows you to achieve a similar result with an entirely data-driven approach.

    Con la strategia Target CPA (Costo per Acquisizione Target) ¿¿¿istruiamo il sistema su quanto può arrivare a costare la campagna per ogni conversione prodotta.??? In questo modo ti assicuri di avere un ROAS (Ritorno sulla spesa pubblicitaria) vantaggioso.

  • Expand Your Business in Targeted Countries

    Everything you read applies to Google’s advanced geographic targeting. Then, with other tools, we can granularly optimize ad targeting in only the wealthiest neighborhoods in a given country, becoming even more efficient.

  • Generate Quality Leads

    Search Engine Advertising is very effective for quality Lead Generation, even in Enterprise.

    Through proprietary optimization strategies, we can communicate to Google and Bing the key actions for profiling your target market, resulting in higher-quality leads over time.

    We’ll also convey to the system how many new contracts you have compared to the Leads Generated for further tweaking of the results.

Latent Search,

Active Search.

There are moments and moments. You must know when to seize them.

Reach your target user at all stages of their Customer Journey, from Latent to Active Search.

Google’s advertising campaigns (but we also work with Bing! and Yahoo!) cover a wide park of placements, offering diverse advertising products for each stage of the user experience.

From television advertising with YouTube to advertising for active search queries and everything in between.


Although SEO is a key asset in your online strategy, SEA is indispensable for getting concrete results faster and stimulating organic search (Demand Generation). It is also an integral part of Organic Search Engineering.

Getting your brand name and landing pages discovered and associated with target search queries significantly boosts the CTR of your SEO efforts. SEA allows you to achieve other important goals, such as:

Brand Awareness

Your brand in first position: maximum visibility and discovery, and search terms refined for what you offer.

Instant Traffic

Don’t wait. With SEA, you immediately start bringing thousands of users interested in your services and products to the best pages of your website.


Real-time measurable Return On Advertising investment and targeted bidding strategies to bring you the revenue you want.


SEA is perfect for bringing business to new target countries or even specific regions and cities through geographic targeting.

The Right Time

With smart bidding, you can show ads exclusively to users close to conversion at the best time to seal the deal.


Know exactly how much you spend each day and keep track of the budget efficiently without surprises at the end of the month.

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