The natural evolution of Strategic SEO.

Search Engineering

At Fuel.LAB® we have been winning SEO projects since 2010. We have witnessed the evolution of search engine ranking systems, from Panda, to Penguin, MUM to GSE.

Today we talk about Organic Search Engineering because SEO alone no longer makes a difference in achieving your organic goals.


Organic Search Engineering (OSE) is a holistic and innovative approach to building the value of Organic Traffic that aims to enhance online market penetration and grow brand success through Organic Search.

Organic Search Engineering (OSE) is a comprehensive and innovative approach to SEO developed by Fuel.LAB®.

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OSE is designed to enable a combination of cutting-edge Technical SEO tactics and strategies with our proprietary technologies. Only Fuel.LAB® includes Conversion Engines (Programmatic SEO) as well as a content strategy that relies on Semantic Entities and Topical Clustering.

In addition, OSE ensures that your content is reliable for AI sorting of Dynamic SERP results (Generative Search Experience).

Our OSE is focused on five key areas: 

  • Topical Authority

    OSE strongly exploits semantic entities and topical authority (through topical clustering). The goal is to produce a product (website) that is highly authoritative and reliable on the subject matter, satisfying the concept behind Google’s E-E-A-T.

  • Search Share Saturation

    OSE aims to dominate the customer niche by increasing search market share. This means that the content will be more visible to the target audience, leading to more traffic and a better conversion rate of conversions. This is achieved through both a dense content plan based on Topical Authority and whitehat SERP Bombing through conversion engines.

  • Research Market Penetration

    We use OSE to help the client penetrate new markets and reach new audiences, overcoming incumbent domains that may have a solid backlink profile but low topical authority and broad traffic.

  • Trust & Social Proofing

    We leverage our partnership with Trustpilot® to strengthen user trust and confidence as a CRO technique while helping domain ranking through Trustpilot® domain authority. Trustpilot® verified reviews are recognized by Google as a reliable signal of quality.

  • Increase the value of Organic Traffic

    OSE is designed to help the company get more high-quality traffic to the Web site. This means that the content will be seen by the right people with a higher degree of trust, resulting in increased conversions and organic revenue.

Organic Search.
From Zero
to Hero.

Demand Generation

OSE projects focus on generating Search Demand related to the service or brand, providing the propellant for CTR in SERP.

Social Proofing

We leverage our partnership with Trustpilot® to provide verified and reliable signals recognized by Google Search.

Search Market Saturation

Through dedicated Programmatic SEO projects, we saturate the SERP for Long Tail Keywords, acquiring Traffic Share.

SEO is not enough anymore.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) alone is no longer enough to achieve high volumes of organic traffic that converts, as the search engine market has changed with the advent of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies since the release of Panda on Google in 2011.

To achieve. a good CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), companies need to adopt more structured and holistic content with a technical strategy that takes into account user intent, semantic search (thematic entity and authority), mobile optimization, website speed, user experience, and many other factors that influence search engine rankings and user interaction.

This requires a deeper understanding of the customer journey and a willingness to invest in long-term sustainable growth rather than expecting short-term gains through outdated SEO techniques.

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Why Organic Search Engineering is the answer.

OSE (Organic Search Engineering) is the natural evolution of SEO, combining the more technical and advanced search engine optimization code-based operations (such as detailed Schema Markup) and entity-based strategies and thematic authority, working selectively on:

  • Informational queries
  • Commercial queries
  • Transactional queries
  • Non-branded queries


Learn how a multinational SaaS company exploits OSE.
From Zero to Hero.

In this in-depth Technical Case Study, we analyzed the success of a client offering SaaS services via E-Commerce.

Scarica Ora

Customer Success Story

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: SaaS Ecommerce Results


+ 845%

Exposure of Product Pages in Google Search

+ 376%

Organic Traffic to Product Pages

+ 63%

Organic Revenue via Product Pages (Landing Pages)