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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental part of O.S.E.. Its primary goal is to bring free traffic to your website from users aligned with your offer for the most competitive search queries.

Why you must consider SEO as a key business asset

SEO is the branch of Digital Marketing that optimizes content for proper reading and indexing in search engines.

It’s the strategic asset that is worth most when it comes to online businesses. It increases the volume and quality of organic traffic, with the following key features:

  • Reliability and Credibility

    A user unfamiliar with your brand will never find you if you are not well-indexed. Those who have heard of it will have a bad impression if they do not find your relevant results online fast.

    Good indexing reinforces trust in your brand and increases the conversion rate.

  • Sustainable Long-Term Costs

    Once the ranking is stabilized, the results and high-value traffic will continue over the years with minimal maintenance activities, compared to the average cost of a running advertising campaign.

  • Direct and Effective Competitiveness

    Currently, your competitors are visible for searches related to your services. With a dedicated strategy, you can outrank them and substitute your result for theirs, gaining traffic that would otherwise go to competing companies.

  • Savings on Advertisement Costs

    While with Digital Advertising you pay per click, SEO represents a long-yield investment, where the results keep coming (and often, growing) over the following years.

  • Free, High-Value Traffic

    We’re talking about very high-value traffic. It can get your business and products discovered by a new audience for thousands of search queries.

  • Traffic Closer to Conversion

    Organic Traffic is often placed at the end of the Marketing funnel during the active search phase. If the user takes the trouble to scroll through the results, it means that he knows exactly what he is looking for and wants to get straight to the point.

  • SERP Saturation by Brand Awareness.

    In addition, one of the less considered aspects of SEO is Search Market Saturation. By increasing the number of organic impressions, you create a strong and clear Brand Awareness effect which helps your entire marketing funnel.


Your SEO strategy is not working?
It’s because it’s no longer 2010.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) alone is no longer sufficient to obtain high volumes of organic traffic that generates conversions. The search engine market has changed with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies, starting with the release of Panda on Google in 2011.

Source: Google Developers

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial today but it is only one ingredient in a digital recipe that is more complex than ever. That is why Organic Search Engineering is today’s answer for the value of Organic Traffic. 


SEO is a key business asset. It acquires daily organic traffic for free and has a higher impact on your bottom line than Digital Advertising.

SEO cannot and should not replace digital advertising, particularly SEA. It should rather focus on specific key goals, taking advantage of the unique characteristics of organic traffic.

The main goals of a good SEO strategy are:


Your brand is discovered by new users in the cognitive focus phase (active search). This is the first step of the funnel.


Your brand is seen, recognized, and considered on many target searches, close to well-known brands and authoritative sources.


Make your Return On Investment highly profitable; stop paying per click. With Organic Search you won’t pay for any clicks.


Users coming from Organic Searches are ready for quality conversion. They have gone beyond the first results that are always ads.


Once you have achieved a good ranking has been achieved with SEO, free traffic continues to arrive daily.


Organic Traffic and its performance do not depend on third-party cookies. No restrictions, no limits.

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