Budget Control

A.I. Driven.


If there’s one thing to keep track of, it’s spending. With Fuel.LAB®, you have the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence for spending projections based on machine learning.

We can then reallocate the budget between campaigns for maximum performance in clicks, conversions, or ROAS.

Budget under control.
And yielding more.

Using sophisticated computer systems that combine software and Machine Learning models, Fuel.LAB®‘s Budget Control gives you two significant advantages.

Not only will you have perfect control over your monthly or quarterly budget, but you will be able to rely on projections of spending throughout the month based on traffic trends.

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Fuel.LAB® also analyzes your monthly budget and offers optimization opportunities. We automatically reallocates the budget to campaigns that can increase yield and saves it where conversion opportunities are low.

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Trust Fuel.LAB® with your Budget Control and the complete management of your advertising accounts. Set your goals in terms of spending, targets, and results with all the reliability of Optmyzr™ technologies.

Discover the platform: Optmyzr™

Learn about our SEA management service and the results we have achieved for our clients.

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Not just Budget Control

Paid Search Optimization

Data driven optimization based on ads, keywords and campaigns, also based on location, weather, audience trends and more.

PPC Investigator

Why has cost increased but conversions declined? Why has the CPA decreased? Why am I getting less traffic? The answers to these and many other questions, with comprehensive charts.

Competitors Insight

Get detailed information about your competitors’ PPC campaigns. Find out who is bidding on your keywords, brand name, and product names.

Automated Workflows

We create custom rules to scan the performance of Keywords, Ads and Campaigns each week, identifying key optimization actions.

Fuel.LAB® is the Full Service agency partner of Google and Microsoft Advertising.

We specialize in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Optimization and Management. We have spent the last 10 years experimenting, learning, and studying how search engines work, and we currently manage complex advertising accounts for dozens of select clients.

Learn about Search Engine Advertising (SEA) services to optimize the results of your campaigns, including spend tracking, conversion tracking, Quality Score optimization, and more.

We work with selected partners to manage Social Media Ads and Amazon Ads.

As always, we prefer to do what we are good at, and we believe in the power of partnerships. That’s why Fuel.LAB® works with selected partners to manage Social Media Ads and Amazon Ads.

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Amazon Ads: ADE Agency

Social Media Ads: SocialByShay